ypVideo 360 Fits Within a Marketing Program (Including Website and Search)

  • Mobile-Friendly Website.

    rich media (interactive visuals, such as videos and/or virtual tours) increases conversion rates by 64%[ref]
  • Strong Online Presence.

    say watching video content produced by businesses leaves them with a positive impression of the brand, service or company.[ref]
  • Local Search Campaign.

    increase in conversion when video used on a landing page.[ref]
Platform Icons

ypVideo 360 is embedded in ypWebsite and ypSearch/ypConnect

  • All new ypWebsites embed an existing ypVideo 360
  • All new ypVideo 360s will be embedded into existing ypWebsites
    • NOTE: ypWebsite refers to current product suite, and the video embed excludes any DIY or legacy websites.
  • ypVideo 360 is also implemented into the customer's ypSearch (or ypConnect) product
    • NOTE: If the ypVideo 360 contains a phone number different from the ypConnect or ypSearch product, then the ypVideo 360 will NOT be embedded for search performance reasons.
Example: Example Embedded Video

We also upload ypVideo 360 to YouTube, and then the video can be shared on social or email

YP posts to yp.com, yp App, ypWebsite & ypSearch landing page, and Youtube to that they can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Personal Blogs, and Email
ypVideo 360 is automatically uploaded to the YPSM Featured Advertisers YouTube Channel
ypVideo℠ 360
New! YouTube videos of Interactive Tours
Get both interactive and traditional video.