After the sale...simple process:

1. Sales rep order entry:
  • Shoot date
  • Type of tour
  • Contact info
  • Location
2. Photographer welcome call (usually within 24 hours). Verify contact info, tour type & shoot date.
3. Virtual tour produced (usually within 48 hours) and emailed to customer for review & approval
4. ypVideo 360 goes live!
Easy for Customer:
  • No scripting
  • No disruption of business
  • 45-minute shoot
Important tips:
  • Must be purchased with a ypPresenceSM or paid ypLocalAdsSM item (cannot be sold as a stand-alone item)
  • Must correspond with the geography of the attached paid listing
ypVideo℠ 360
New! YouTube videos of Interactive Tours
Get both interactive and traditional video.